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Our Mission

Dear Pool Colleagues,

COVERTECH rigid-slatted poolcover is adaptable whether you have a square pool, round pool, automatic pool cover, unusual angles, or entirely asymmetrical, we will fit your pool with our cover exactly to suit.

COVERTECH rigid-slatted poolcover provides a personal service for your personal needs. ENERGY EFFICIENT, environmentally safe and providing certain child safety (safety cover), GRANDO automatic pool cover are mostly handmade in Germany.

COVERTECH rigid-slatted poolcover will collaborate with your pool-builder, architect and/or contractor to insure your satisfaction.
Upon completion of your poolcover, you will enjoy the ease of NO FOLDING, NO PULLING and NO WINDING of a crank because all you have to do is… ……………JUST PUSH THE BUTTON 









Product Profile

Dear Pool Colleagues,

The following is a brief introduction to Grando, the leading FULLY AUTOMATIC POOL COVER produced in Germany since 1963, and one of the most sold covers in 48 countries.

In 1963, Robert Granderath developed the first fully automatic rigid-slatted pool cover.

Whether Outdoor or Indoor, our covers save energy. Less evaporation allows the air conditioner or dehumidifier not to work as hard. Low room humidity is an effective protection against building damage. If the humidity is kept down, the general room temperature will feel exactly right. You will no longer have that awful smell of chlorine, and will experience the full pleasure of bathing in total relaxation.
Today, we sell more automatic pool covers throughout the world than any other company, providing pool owners in over 48 countries with a product as exceptional as the other well known German engineered  products.
It is flexible enough to respond quickly to new demands, and it is personal enough to offer customers what they want: new ideas, reliable service and individual advice. Maybe you, too, will get to know Grando and Covertech personally. We certainly hope so.








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